Biba's upcoming series of children's games is doing things a little differently. They're going to try to get kids (and their parents) back in the habit of playing outside again.

The theory is that, since kids these days (yeah, I totally went there) spend so much time on mobile devices, they'd have an easier time being more active if it involved using those same mobile devices. And so, Biba's games will give them a reason to run around the playground.

Parents are meant to hang onto the mobile device while they play with their kids (don't want any accidents, right?). These games are already pretty varied and include things like using a swing to scoop fuel into a robot's mouth or managing an obstacle course/footrace - complete with pitstops.

Initially you'll be able to input information regarding the equipment that's available at your park and the app will suggest the appropriate games, but the plan is to work with Play Power to start rolling out special signs with QR codes that you can scan at any given playground area. These codes will then help the app make suggestions based on the available equipment, local weather conditions, and so on.

Biba's games are still in the testing phase but the app will definitely be launching this year, both as a free and a premium (no ads, more options, etc) download.

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