Next Game from Rovio: Casey's Contraptions? [Updated]

Posted by Jeff Scott on May 9th, 2012
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Update (5/10): Our story has been confirmed by Rovio and Snappy Touch -- see our follow up, confirmation story for details.

We see a little teaser in the end of the video announcing that Angry Birds has shipped one billion copies. Take a look below:

That kid looks familiar - and what's that in the background? Some sort of a Rube Goldburg contraption? Take a closer look:

And now a shot from Casey's Contraptions:

We've seen that kid before. Notice the balloons are the same, the green hamster tubes are the same, looks really familiar. That looks like an iPad game we've played before. Checking in with the developer of Casey's Contraptions, Noel Llopis tweets:

Before rumors start flying, Rovio is a perfect gentleman. Not a Zynga at all. Don't worry, all is well :-)

Now connecting the dots, we remember that Casey's Contraptions is one of our favorite iPad games of the past year. Yet development seemed to stop at some point. Makes a little more sense as to why now.

While we have not gotten official confirmaiton from Noel nor from Rovio at the time of writing, I think we can assume that the next Rovio game will be a version of this game we loved so much.

Want to see what the next Rovio game is going to be like? Grab the old version now and give it a try. The game has now been removed from the store. For more information, see our follow up, confirmation story.

iPad Screenshots

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Casey's Contraptions HD screenshot 1 Casey's Contraptions HD screenshot 2 Casey's Contraptions HD screenshot 3 Casey's Contraptions HD screenshot 4 Casey's Contraptions HD screenshot 5
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