Realistic Sims are very fun experiences and give gamers an excellent chance to experience other walks of life, and Gamabilis has released its hyper-real farm management game Roots of Tomorrow. Whilst the more arcade-type games like Stardew Valley are enjoyable, Gamabilis has used real scientific data to provide a more in-depth and immersive experience.

The game is set in France, a decision no doubt based on the huge scale of the country's agricultural output in the EU. Players can choose between four different farms, each with its own landscape, climates, livestock and unique choices. The objective is to achieve the agroecological transition of the farm, or put simply become more sustainable, within 10 years.

There are a lot of different activities to manage that would be expected of a farm; buying and selling crops, ploughing the fields to plant and harvest, investing in better machinery and buildings, and hiring employees. In keeping with the game's message, there are also sustainable practices available to implement such as plant covers and precision fertilizing. Every action will affect the farm's overall score, however, some will negatively affect one sub-score as it positively affects the other, making it vitally important to put together a detailed strategy. Or just go hell for leather and accidentally make a mutant potato strain that infects all of Europe, it's important to have fun.

Roots of Tomorrow was developed to raise awareness and shine a light on the challenges farmers face with sustainable agriculture. Game Director Marianne Tostivint explained the idea behind the game was “To better explain this agroecological transition, we decided to take a strategy game’s approach. Indeed it gives a better overview of the economic, environmental and social consequences of each farming action”.

Roots of Tomorrow will be available to download on the App Store and Google Play come October 5th.

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