Konami Digital Entertainment has announced today that their Apple Arcade title Frogger in Toy Town has been updated to introduce a new ranked Endurance Mode. This new game variant's arrival is also accompanied by a few other changes.

As the name implies, Endurance Mode will test how long you can stay alive as you weave your way through endless stages. The aim will be to see how high you can reach on the leaderboards, with the ultimate goal being to claim that top spot. There are three courses this mode can be played on which are Toy Town Course, Midnight Course and Party Course.

The courses themselves will come in two different flavours, Lane or Physics Stage. The former is the timing based levels we've come to expect from Frogger whilst the Physics Stages will require you to avoid, or use, physics-based obstacles whilst simultaneously gathering gems to boost your score.

The latest update also introduces a collection element where you'll look to earn Toy Coins from Endurance Mode or reward medals from Story Mode. Both can then be exchanged at the newly added Capsule Machine to win one of over 300 Toy Town Capsule Toys. Unlocking all of them will net you a Golden Frogger Costume.

Finally, daily and weekly bonuses are also set to arrive in the game. A weekly stamp card will allow you to earn additional Toy Coins by saving up stamps that you'll earn by hitting certain scores. Meanwhile, a daily login bonus will net you more Toy Coins.

Frogger in Toy Town is available now over on Apple Arcade, a subscription service that costs $4.99.

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