Got bored of pitting plants against zombies? How about testing out the physical abilities of fruit and vegetable instead? That's exactly what Fruits vs Veggies offers for all interested in what has been referred to as the 'ultimate food fight'.

A card based system offering nearly 50 different cards provides the main focus of strategy in the battle between the Fruit Clan and the Veggies Family. Real time action keeps things fast paced and exciting as players get to summon the likes of the Coconut Bowler and use Jalapeno Grenades to defend themselves. Play is simple via a drag and drop system and there's a few in-app purchases available to make things easier.

There's a 40 level campaign mode for single players while a 2 player versus mode is also available for social gamers.

As a free app for iPad users, FvV: Fruits vs Veggies is set to be an ideal new game to give a shot for strategy fans.

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