Before last week, if you asked me which game I prefer between Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), I’d choose the latter just about 100% of the time. Now that we know that both games are primed to hit our mobile screens soon (you can even sign up for Fortnite here), I’m not so sure I’d have the same response. Between both of these games, Fortnite seems primed to be a much better mobile experience than PUBG, and here’s why:

The art style fits

PUBG has a realistic graphical style, which doesn’t exactly look fantastic on PC and consoles, but this is doubly true on mobile. By comparison, Fortnite’s cartoony visuals and bright colors seem ideal for scaling a Battle Royale game down to less powerful devices while still keeping things looking good.

Shooting is less important

Although both of these Battle Royale titans involve looting guns and other weapons in service of killing 99 other players, your aim and ability to shoot is not quite as important in Fortnite. With an entire crafting and building system, Fortnite can give mobile players something to do beyond awkwardly aiming at other players using touch controls. PUBG, on the other hand, will have static environments and likely be full of players laser-focused on dialing in their aiming abilities, making for a game that probably won’t be too friendly to play unless you’re just as dedicated as your competition.

Fortnite is faster

If the mobile releases of PUBG and Fortnite are anything like their PC and console counterparts, the mobile version of Fornite will have an edge over PUBG by having match lengths that are more conducive to mobile play. Full rounds of Fortnite last just about 10 minutes shorter than those of PUBG currently. If that stays consistent with this mobile release, it will be much easier to bang out matches of Fortnite on the go than PUBG.

You can play it with all most of your friends

Perhaps the best reason that Fortnite will be better on mobile than PUBG is that the game is already announced to have cross-play support so you can play with your friends on PC and Xbox. As of this writing, the Playstation 4 hasn't joined the cross-play party, but it's still neat that most versions of the game will allow you and your friends to play together, regardless of platform. As for the mobile version of PUBG? Well, considering it's a pretty different and stripped down version of its PC and console counterparts, it doesn't seem like something that can (or will) ever happen.

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