While other services for using iPhones and iPod touches like Joypad begin to focus on controlling other iOS games, what solutions are still in the works for computer gamers interested in using their iOS devices as controllers? Flypad is one solution that’s entering into view. Flypad boasts controls optimized for racing games, using the tilt sensor on the iPhone and iPod touch for steering, and offering touch-based controls for activating nitro, and shifting gears, along with manual gas/brake controls. Right now, the supply of games to play with Flypad is limited, including DiRT 3 and Need for Speed: The Run. As well, it is currently only Windows-only, although plans are in place to expand to Mac, supporting titles like Real Racing. Their other remote control solution Wanderplayer supported the Mac, so this is likely just a matter of time and finding titles to support. Their Twitter account @flypad can be used to request additional titles and for feedback directly with the creators. Flypad is available now from the App Store for free, and the PC client can be downloaded from Flypad’s website.

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