Netmarble has announced the launch of the first beta test for its upcoming strategy game Grand Cross W. The test starts today and will last through to August 29th and will be available for players on PC and Android via Google Play.

Grand Cross W takes place in the world of Skyna, which has become a battleground due to the invading armies of Chaos. Players will be tasked with helping the protagonist Layla to build armies, construct buildings and raise an army of soldiers to restore order to the devastated country. Battles can be aided by summoning heroes for other worlds, known as the Transcendents of Grand Cross, and using the mysterious power of Lapis.

The game will feature real-time siege wars on a large-scale map that incorporates both land and air. Multiple troop types are available to use in battle each with its own unique characteristics and strategy. The long-range troops can attack armies across the rivers as infantry hold back those that cross, whilst the air units use their ability to cross tall mountain ranges to ambush from behind.

Players that take part in the beta will be gifted with several special prizes. An exclusive Castle Skin, Portrait Frame and Name Frame will be given to all who partake in the beta and complete a series of in-game missions. These presents will be delivered upon the game’s grand launch and will add some unique style to proceedings as the beta players use their pre-gained knowledge to stomp everyone else.

Grand Cross W will be available on both Android and iOS upon its full release, however, only PC and Android players will be able to take part in the beta. For Android users, the beta can be downloaded on Google Play. Anyone who is interested in further news on the test, or interested in checking out Netmarbles handy game guides can do so on the official YouTube channel.

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