Find A Carshare Buddy With Zebigo

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 3rd, 2011

We all know that we need to do our bit to help the environment and reduce carbon emissions but it's not always as easy as we'd like it to be. Carsharing is a great way of doing this. The amount of cars on the road with only one person in them is massive and goes a long way to damaging the environment as well as causing more traffic congestion. A website by the name of Zebigo has been making it easier to arrange carshares and now there's an app devoted to that same purpose.

The whole service allows users to be matched up with others going to the same place. It's ideal for commuting, going to events or one way trips. It could even potentially help people find new friends. Cautious types will appreciate that a free background check can be arranged which increases the likelihood of being matched and also makes the whole thing much safer. Users can also choose to travel with the same gender or only with other employees at their company. There's even a ratings system so that riders and drivers can check out past comments before accepting a match.

The app is free while riders can pay the driver through their PayPal account just to cover transportation costs as well as Zebigo's small fee for using the service.

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