Even with apps being as easy as they are to deliver to consumers, being a developer in the App Store is a stressful endeavor. Sure, having a piece of code out there is fun, but getting it to rise to the top of the heap is no easy undertaking.

The thing that most developers find fairly quickly is that it is very hard to get any good exposure. Traditional media (TV, anything print) ads are far too expensive for most app developers, so they tend to gravitate towards app sites like 148Apps. We offer our own advertising and write reviews and articles, but there are just too many apps out there to cover them all, so we have to make snap judgements on first impressions.

To many developers delight, Apple is rolling out iAd For Developers so that they can "promote (their) app(s) to millions of (built in) users across the iAd Network". According to BusinessInsider, Apple will be initially charging 25 cents per click for iAd for Developers." rather than their million dollar contract spots on their current iAd's, so the system will be rather affordable.

Maybe now the developers will feel that they can market their apps on the cheap without hiring a PR firm. Will anybody click on the ads/will we start to resent companies for invading our screen with advertisements? Maybe, but as they say, "any press is good press".

[ Via BusinessInsider ]

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