Neon Doctrine’s award-winning sidescroller The Legend of Tianding is available to purchase now on the App Store. Step into the shoes of Taiwanese vigilante Liao Tianding and take to the streets of Taipei to fight for justice as the folk hero.

Liao Tianding was a Taiwanese Robin Hood-eske figure active in the late eighteen-hundreds to early nineteens, taking the fight to the Japanese authorities who were then occupying the country. Hounding the Japanese with a myriad of robberies and larceny, Tianding because a legend memorialized in song, print, and dance.

Bringing the legend to the early 20th century, you will roam the streets of Taipei as the hero as you fight your aggressors using a tanto, waist sash, and some fast-paced kung-fu combos. You will also be able to zip through the air with grappling hooks, execute aerial combos for style, and even steal weapons straight from the enemy.

The Legend of Tainding takes the real events, people, and situations of the legends and presents them to players in the form of a Traditional Chinese Manga. You will be able to experience an important piece of Taiwanese history and enjoy the surroundings of the Dadaocheng area of Taipei city.

In order to defeat the powerful bosses, such as military leaders and deadly courtesans, you will need to master the moves at your disposal and the Talisman system. Equipping these will bestow you will some powerful buffs to help you tackle your foes, and eventually if you really want a challenge, the Boss Rush Mode.

To experience the legend in this very attractive art form, you can purchase the Legend of Tianding from the App Store now for $6.99. It has already won Best Narration at the 2022 Taipei Game Show, and Best Game Design at the Valencia Indie Summit, so you don’t want to miss out.

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