Forget paying for a personal trainer. The App store is overflowing with personal trainer replacements in the form of health, exercise and diet-related apps. But with hundreds of apps to choose from, users might feel overwhelmed with options. Indeed, it’s difficult to figure out where to start. That’s why we've come up with four of our favorite fitness apps that will give users the resources of a personal trainer, without actually having to hire one.

Wellness Tip of the Day

This app is great because it offers a variety of broad health-related information. The app updates daily with health and wellness tips from the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise. Tips are classified into different categories, such as Food Favorites, Mind Favorites, Body Favorites and Misc Favorites. The app features two different interface styles – one that lets users pop bubbles to view tips and another more traditional, calendar view.

Wellness Tip of the Day

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Released: 2009-07-06 :: Category: Game


Daily Burn

Part of staying healthy requires balancing one’s diet and exercise routine to achieve optimal results. That’s why Daily Burn makes my list. The app helps users gain weight or lose weight, depending on their needs. Users can choose to follow a plan that’s low-carb and will lead to weight loss, use a bodybuilding routine that will lead to increased muscle mass or choose from one of the app’s many other programs. In addition to tracking calories, protein, carbs and other nutrients related to diet, Daily Burn also helps users by providing a fitness training program that will lead towards accomplishing their goals. And with stat-tracking and data analysis through the app’s website, it’s difficult not to love this app.

Tracker - Fitness and Nutrition Tracking

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Released: 2010-09-28 :: Category: Game


Fitness Builder

This is the most expensive app on my list of recommendations, but there’s reason for it. Fitness Builder contains over 200 different workouts, spread out across 5,600 images and videos, as well as specialized tracking tools and fitness plans. This is a truly comprehensive exercise app, hence the subscription cost. Users aren’t coughing up money for nothing, though. The app also allows users to ask the company’s physiologist their own personal questions. Definitely a nice extra that separates this one from similar fitness apps.


+ Universal & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
Released: 2009-03-27 :: Category: Game


Ease into 5K

I recently started running, and this app is an awesome companion. Ease into 5K is designed to help train users to be able to run 5,000 meters. The app tells users when to switch from walking to running, providing interval training spread out across 3 sessions a week, each being 30 minutes. Ease into 5K also tracks session stats, so users can easily view their progress. What’s more, the app runs in the background, so users can listen to music while using it.

Ease into 5K: run walk interval training program

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2009-01-14 :: Category: Game


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