Fantasy Mage guide - How to survive the skeleton hordes

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 17th, 2016
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Fantasy Mage is a sort of dual stick shooter that feels quite a bit like Nightcaster: Defeat the Darkness on the original Xbox. There is a core strategy in the game surrounding elemental weaknesses, but here are some other tips to help you better bend magic to your whims.

Learn to kite effectively

As a wizard, your only real advantage is blasting enemies away from afar. To do this most effectively, you should practice your ability to kite, or lure enemies into chasing you as you outrun them while administering damage.

In order to kite effectively in Fantasy Mage, you'll want to target nearby enemies and keep them just off screen. If you do this, you should be able to damage them as they still chase you. As you run, it's also worth noting that you can easily pass through bushes, but not other obstacles (rocks, wells, etc.).

Read level intros

Even if you don't care about Fantasy Mage's narrative, the best way to prepare for any given level is to read the intro text, since it often contains valuable information about how you should be preparing for your next encounter.

If you always check the next level's text before going through gear and leveling up, you'll know how to best spend your skill points and manage your inventory to make the next fight a little easier.

Don't be afraid to grind

Dying in Fantasy Mage is no fun, so as levels start getting more and more intense, don't be afraid to roll back to earlier levels to get more gear and experience before moving forward.

These earlier levels will become a breeze as you continue leveling up your character, and the gear you earn from passing them could give you the right set of things to help you pass the next level.

Specialize spell slots

Although you'll start with the three basic elemental slots in Fantasy Mage, no one slot is reserved for a particular element. As a result, there isn't really a reason to bring a fire spell into a level full of fire enemies. Why not just equip a bunch of different water spells? Doing so can really help you out when facing a single enemy type.

Have anything else up your sleeve that we missed? Reveal your secrets in the comments below!

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