Famingo Releases WiFi Enabled Hot Potato Game

Posted by Ryan Wood on September 30th, 2010

If you ask me, tossing your iPhone around like it's a Hot Potato just sounds like a bad idea. That is of course, unless you're sporting a heavy duty case. For those of you who don't have Iron Man equivalent armor for your Apple product, Famingo has provided the solution.

Through WiFi, up to 9 devices can toss a virtual potato around without putting any real risk to the device itself. With the flick of a finger, the potato is sent to another persons device, and the person left with the potato is out of the game. Points accrue that can be used to challenge members within your "network" of friends.

The whole concept behind Hot Potato is simple, quick, fun multi-player games. Matches don't require much work to start up, especially if everyone has already set up their individual accounts, and the matches are quick and high intensity. Bonus points are gained by quick flicks and sending it to different targets each time.

Score tracking and game history are both available through famingogames.com, making this a fun, safe, competitive match of Hot Potato. The major set back comes from having to get a group of friends who all have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. I don't have that luxury with my group of friends, but for those of you who do, Hot Potato stands to offer quick high intensity fun.


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