It is hard to believe that the sport of watching cars go around in elaborate circles can be so captivating, but somehow Formula One pulls it off, and you can get as close to managing a team as most of us will ever be thanks to the latest seasonal refresh in F1 Clash.

Formally called F1 Manager, F1 Clash feature all the official circuits, teams and drivers you would expect, and pits you as a Team Principal in charge of recruiting drivers, dictating race tactics and managing your cars. If you've ever screamed at the TV when you thought Verstappen should pit, not that he needs the advice, then this is the game for you.

This latest season reset brings with it all the updates to drivers, rosters and cars that you would expect, but also brings some of the most significant updates to Clash in the game's history. Starting with a doozy, to balance the playing field, all player progress, bar profession points from the 2022 season, will be wiped.

A drastic course of action, but this will grant even the greenest of gamers a chance to be competitive. If you are a returning player, you will have the chance to spend your hard-earned 2022 season CC points in the store to unlock advanced components for a little head start, a fair compromise by developers Hutch.

If you are looking for a new mechanic, then look right here. The 2023 season will introduce the brand new Power mechanic. Taking the place of the existing fuel-based system, you now don’t need to worry about losing a race due to an empty tank, with this power unit system keeping everyone in it till the end. Again, a nice concession for new players, but hopefully not a sign of any further scaling back of the management features.

F1 Clash can be downloaded now from the App Store and Google Play.

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