LINE Games has announced the addition of a new Fatecore for one of Exos Heroes' existing characters Fated Heroes, Rera. This new variant is called Guardian of the Mind's Eye – Rera and arrives in the game with an exclusive weapon known as Holy Unicorn.

This new Fatecore is a parallel universe version of Rera where she has grown up to become an elegant woman. Guardian of the Mind's Eye – Rera is a Blue Fatecore and will enhance the stats of all Chaos Type Heroes, making her an excellent support choice for teams containing Chaos characters.

The aforementioned exclusive weapon, Holy Unicorn, is a bow that can be only be used by people with a pure heart. Merely getting the bow will increase Rera's power, whilst equipping it to her will boost her stats even more. Both Guardian of the Mind's Eye – Rera and Holy Unicorn can be obtained through the usual method until May 26th.

Elsewhere, Exos Heroes is in the midst of celebrating the 1st anniversary of its global launch. Until May 26th, LINE Games are running a login event called The 7 Days of Gifts. So, by simply checking into the game each day, players can net themselves 700 Xes, 5 Nation Recruit Tickets, 50 Dye Coupons. On top of that, players can also get 55 free Premium Recruits by simply logging into the game.

Exos Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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