If there is one thing that stinks about exercising, it is that it's nearly impossible to work out and game at the same time.  Hoping to make the arduous task of physical fitness slightly more tolerable, developer BitGym has released an awesome new game to make the minutes fly by.  Racing fans will be glad to know that Fit Freeway will now allow them to get their daily dose of pedaling in while indulging their inner competitor, all at the same time.

Finding an outstanding use for the front facing camera, the on-screen car can actually be controlled using head tracking.  As for the accelerator, the iOS device will use the inner sensors to monitor the vibrations of the workout equipment.  So the harder you pedal the faster the car moves.  This is an amazing idea that we can't believe that someone didn't think about sooner.

Be sure to give the game a download and put the pedal to the metal in your next workout!  Let us know what you think of it in the comments.


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