Everything's Okay, the Girls Scout Cookie Locator is Here

Posted by Joey Davidson on January 21st, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Without this one indespensable app, the world may have fallen into complete chaos. In fact, now that it's here we're almost positive that we'll never be able to even consider a time when we weren't able to locate the nearest Girl Scout Cookie sale on our phones. It's like thinking of an age without the internet, TV, electricity or even fire. Unfathomable.

What's obviously been done in good spirit by the Kellog Company, makers of this application, is so very easy for us to tease. But this is certainly a fun, easygoing application meant to entertain and take shots at boosting sales. Sure, we jest, but the Girl Scout Cookie lovers that download this app for a simple chuckle may actually use it once or twice to find their nearest fundraising pack of children. They'll even be presented with the reserved hours of said cookie sale with this application. They'll run out to buy the baked treats by the box, and when that happens: mission accomplished.

Beyond just finding cookies, this application lets users look up nutrition facts and remember the tricky names that belong to the treats they love so much. You'll also be able to take a personality test that links you to your destined cookie (look to the cookie...).

Useless for some, incredible for many, this Girl Scout Cookie locator is an excellent, if not a slightly ridiculous, addition to the App Store. Before you go criticizing too hard, just remember that this product is little more than a marketing tool. And a good one at that. We only wish the entire thing was presented with more of a sense of urgency. Perhaps even a simulated cookie radar would have been a nice touch. Just spitballing here.

Hit the "Find Cookies Nearby" button and go enjoy a Samoa. You earned it.

Girl Scout Cookie Locator

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
Released: 2011-01-13 :: Category: Game


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