Skylanders: Ring of Heroes might look like a re-skinned version of Summoners Wars, but there's actually a whole lot more going on underneath the hood than you might expect. It's a midcore RPG that sees you building up a team of the famous Skylanders, then taking them out to battle all-comers. And in this guide we're going to make sure you've got all the skills you need to defeat them.

We've put a good few hours into the game, so we know what we're talking about, but if you think we've missed out on any juicy tidbits of information that are going to help new and old players alike get the most out of the experience, then please do share them in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

Click here and you can check out all of the other guides and how-tos we've been writing over the past few months - they'll make you the envy of all your game-playing friends, we can guarantee that much. Right then, let's discover everything you need to know to win in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes.

Know your team

When you start the game you're only going to have enough Skylanders to make a single team, but as you play you'll start unlocking more of them - and it's key that you get to know what all of your characters have to offer, so you can use them to the utmost of their abilities.

Find out what elements your new characters are, and think about how they might fit into the scheme of play you're using. Remember that you'll be fighting monsters with a whole bunch of different elements, so having a balanced team will set you in good stead to take them down and defend against their attacks.

Keep your levels level

It's easy to pick a team that works in the early stages and stick with them. That's going to cause problems later on though, because the rest of your Skylanders are going to be too weak to call upon when you need them. In other words, it's important to keep your roster fresh.

You can also slot characters into the spectator selections when you're preparing for a fight. This gives them a percentage of the XP that your actual fighters earn, and is a great way to make sure newer characters are keeping up with your more established fighters.

Use your runes

Runes toughen up your characters in some pretty awesome ways, so sticking them in play is a really good idea. Upgrading them when you equip them is sensible too, since you can change standard grey runes into more powerful colored ones. It's these that give you even more of a boost when they're combined on the same character.

Be careful who you give what to though, because if you need to rearrange their positioning you're going to have to pay some coins to do it. Often that's not a problem, but it's definitely worth considering - don't put a powerful rune on a weak Skylander if you don't have to.

Bring some friends

There's a slot in your team line-up to bring a pet. You'll unlock these as you play, and the game doesn't actually mention anything about them. Essentially they're a one-move character on a cool-down who you can bring into play from time to time to try and swing things in your favour.

If you don't have a healer on your team, it's a great idea to bring a pet that has some healing magic with you, that way if you do get into difficulty you've got a chance to set things right. Use your pets to balance out any weaknesses you might have in your team and you're sure to start doing even better.

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