Everything you need to know to win in Hole.io for mobile

Posted by Harry Slater on June 25th, 2018
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Hole.io screenshot - At the edge of the map

The latest addition to the .io craze is Hole.io. It's a game where you play as a black hole, travelling around a city and swallowing everything you can. The .io twist is that there's a bunch of other player-controlled holes out there as well, and you're competing to see who can get the most points in just two minutes.

It might sound simple, but actually there are some tactics that can give you the edge over your competitors. And that's what this guide is going to help you with. We've put a good chunk of time into the game, and we reckon these are the top tips and hints to make sure you're always close to the top of the leaderboard.

The straight drop

It's important to make sure that the things you're swallowing drop straight down into your hole. If you're just the right size to eat something, it'll start to topple when you slide under it. But if it falls wrong then it could get jammed, which leaves you having to pick up smaller things to increase your size so you can clear the blockage. Aim for things a couple of sizes smaller than you, and you'll be better placed to win.

Hole.io screenshot - Eating the park

Find the park

The park is a great way to rack up a whole number of points in quick succession. No matter what size you are you can rack up about a hundred points in a matter of seconds. It'll also make you much bigger, which makes you less vulnerable to attack, and opens up more items for you to scoff down on.

Eat the weak

If you see a hole that's smaller than you, try and eat it. You shouldn't go out of your way to do it, but if a small hole is in your way, eat it. You'll get a decent chunk of points, and you'll also set back one of your opponents. The best move is to come up behind a hole that's smaller than you that's chasing a second, even smaller hole. You can get a double kill pretty easily.

Junctions and parked cars

These are also good ways to get big scores. The roads in the city terminate and the cars driving on them just turn round. If you hit them at the right time you'll scoff a whole stream of cars and vans with hardly any effort. The same goes for car parks. Get in there before anyone else and you can watch your score racing up.

Hole.io screenshot - Eating buildings

Keep moving

Even if you can't find anything to eat, keep on the move, you never know what's round the corner. When a larger hole comes for you, try and keep ahead of it. If you're smart you can eat everything in your path and turn the tables on them. If there's a lot of holes in one section of the map, move on somewhere else. It's often the hole that spends a lot of time on its own that wins the game.

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