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Posted by 148Apps Staff on January 28th, 2019
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In QubeTown you take on the role of a Lord or Lady whose job it is to expand, protect, and govern over a fledgeling town. The game is perhaps best described as a mix between an economic simulator, a farming game, and a town builder. It’s also very much intended to be a social experience, allowing you to connect with other players, or even Facebook friends, from all over the world. With a compelling story, plenty of memorable townsfolk, and a fair few trolls to fell along the way, it’s easy to become caught up in the day-to-day running of your own unique creation.

Getting to grips with farming

Anyone with even the slightest experience in farming will tell you that cultivating crops and livestock is messy work. Thankfully, QubeTown aims to make it all a little more accessible and enjoyable. Most of the farming activities can be done by simply dragging and dropping, and entire crops can be harvested easily through one swipe of the handy scythe. The fruits of your labour can then be processed into all manner of goods, such as bread and cakes. With 11 different types of crop on offer, it’s really all about experimenting with what you want to be growing and selling. On top of that, you’ll also need to set up some housing for your cows and pigs in order to produce some valuable milk and bacon.

Business types and trading with friends

After you’ve finished the initial trading tutorials, you’ll unlock the ability to open up your own market, register your goods, and sell them to any friends that might be visiting. That being said, trading goods online is just one of the many jobs a budding Lord or Lady will need to take on. Management of buildings is a very important part of running a successful town. Each of these buildings has its own unique purpose, with some of the types on offer including resource buildings, production buildings, commercial buildings, labs, houses, bakeries, and BBQ shops. And, if you really want to make your town the best it can be, upgrading these buildings will further enhance their appearance.


QubeTown is predominantly home to elves and humans – some of whom can shapeshift into animals. These townsfolk all have different jobs and skills, with some being farmers, fisherman, or bakers. And if you feel the need to venture out on an expedition (more to come on that later), there are knights and magicians available to lend a helping hand. All citizens are graded from level 1 to 6, with their attributes varying depending on whether they’re common, rare, or legendary.

Make your town unique to you

Being the Lord or Lady of a town can, on occasion, be fairly stressful, so it’s important to take the time to kick back, relax, and perhaps do a little bit of decorating. There are initially over 50 different types of landscape to choose from, with decisions to be made in regards to the land and surrounding water. Once you’ve got the basics down, you might fancy sprucing things up a bit with a few unlockable sculptures or fancy decorations – not like you’re the type to show off or anything. And if kitting out your town isn’t enough for you, there’s always the option to start a collection of fetching costumes. Some of these include a frog costume, bee costume, dapper looking suits, and even robes for when you’re feeling fancy.

Exploration and expeditions

Despite the colourful visuals and friendly locals, the world of QubeTown can sometimes be more than a little dangerous. And perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in the Secret Mines. Delving deep into this treacherous side area is a real risk/reward scenario, where the reward is a handful of precious gems and the risk is getting yourself into grave danger. Oh, and let’s not forget the spooky Royal Graveyard and mysterious Hidden Forest, both of which are well worth a cautious look – if you’re brave enough to take on some nasty bosses, that is.

Befriending and feeding animals

In QubeTown, not all wild animals are of the nasty variety. In fact, there are plenty of cute – and extremely helpful – dragons, elephants, hippos, whales, and pandas to discover and befriend. Some of them act as traders that you can, well, trade with. And the more you trade, the better the rewards start getting. Feeding the other animals will also net you a nice little bundle of gold and EXP, and – in a pretty cool touch – they’ll change their appearance once their bellies are full.

Guilds, social minigames, and making friends

Guilds are another important part of the QubeTown experience. Here, you’ll be teaming up with other players from around the globe to socialise and participate in cooperative minigames. In the event of a troll or kraken attack, you can opt to help out your friends and perhaps even save their village. And, as I mentioned earlier, you also have the option to trade and play with your favourite Facebook pals. There’s clearly a lot to be gained from the game’s various social aspects, so I’d advise trying them all out.

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know to get started in QubeTown. It’s currently available in certain regions on the App Store and Google Play for free.

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