Disney Heroes: Battle Mode might not be the most original game in the world, but it does have an intriguing compulsion to it that's going to make you want to push you deeper into the experience. Plus there are loads of Disney heroes for you to collect and train, which is pretty entertaining in and of itself.

But there's a lot to take in in the game, and it's pretty easy to get confused with the different game modes and currencies that the game throws at you. Which is where this guide comes in. We're going to walk through everything you need to know to make sure you're going to have the strongest team, the richest coffers, and the best time when you're playing.


  • Special moves - It's tempting to bank your special moves to use them when you get to the toughest final fight of a stage. Don't do it though. Your moves will recharge, and getting through the early levels unscathed is going to set you up better to finish the final battle with all of your heroes alive. And that will get you three stars.
  • Get the balance right - It's important to have a number of different types of heroes so that you can get the balance of your team right. Sometimes enemies are going to have resistances to different types of damage, and you'll need to swap out various different characters in order to use the powers that they have. Make sure you keep all your characters at roughly the same level too.
  • Retreat – Sometimes it's pretty obvious when you're going to lose. If your tank falls, for example, it's not going to be long before the rest of your team dies too. At times like this, it's a good idea to back out of the fight and try something else. Otherwise you're just wasting your time when you could be toughening up your team.


  • Badges - These are essentially the gear you can equip on your characters. When they've got a full set of badges, you can upgrade them to the next level. If you're taking a beating, try and find the badges you need to make your characters stronger. You can do that by going to the character pages and tapping on the badges to see where you need to go.
  • Skills - As your character gets stronger, they'll get new skills. That's good, but you also need to upgrade them. You get ten skill points, and these regenerate over time. Again, you need to make sure that you keep all of your characters at the similar level. You don't want a weak link, and you don't want your power to suffer when you swap in new characters.
  • Stats - As well as the other two upgrade trees, there's also stats. This is the XP that your characters receive from fighting. But you can augment it with the XP drinks that you earn as loot while you play. In the character screen, had to stats. If you've got drinks you can use, the + symbol to add more XP.

Gameplay tips

  • PvP - When you're playing PvP, try and challenge the players that are above you. And remember you don't need to field the same team when you're attacking and defending. Don't forget to collect your rewards, which get better when you move up to higher different levels.
  • Join a guild - You'll get rewards just from being in a guild, and there's not much you actually have to do. Remember to check in whenever you can, and also remember to set one of your characters as a mercenary. You can still use them while they're in there, so there's no reason not to do it, and no reason not to send your strongest characters as they'll have the best chance of being picked.
  • Raid when you need to - Raids are a good way to collect badges and new pieces of characters. It's much quicker to run a raid than going through a whole level again. However, you can only raid levels that you've completed with three stars. And raiding still costs energy, so it doesn't come for free.

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