London-based studio Flavourworks is bringing its FMV game Erica to iOS on Friday as a free trial, with a full release presumably following later. This is the second platform the game has launched on after its original release on PlayStation 4 two years ago.

Erica is an interactive fiction FMV thriller where you play as a young woman named Erica, played by Holly Earl, who goes on an expedition to uncover her family’s dark history. As with many games of this genre, you’ll also be making choices at critical parts of the story that branch off, creating different outcomes depending on the decisions you make.

Check out this trailer from the PS4 version to get a sense of what the game is about. Expect the gameplay on the mobile version to be extremely similar, as Flavourworks has said in the below tweet that the studio worked hard at converting the game to work with touch-screen controls. Originally, the game was controlled using the DualShock 4’s touchpad or via the PlayLink mobile app, so it seems pretty fitting for Erica to come to mobile.

Flavourworks was co-founded in 2015 by Jack Attridge and Pavle Mihajlovic. Based in London, the developer was founded with the core mission to be creating interactive works in revolutionary ways, utilising new technology from scratch to stimulate breakthrough experiences. Erica, released in August of 2019, is the studio’s first release.

According to the tweet by Flavourworks, a free trial of Erica’s iOS version will be released on Friday. We don’t yet know if the full game is also releasing then, it’s possible Flavourworks still needs to refine the game before it’s ready for a mainstream release, but we’ll provide an update when we have new details.

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