If you have ever watched Planet of the Apes and thought “I wonder what would happen if the humans never showed up”, then Brickwork Games has the answer with their new game Epic Ape Madness. Set in a world where humans never existed, this MMO has everyone step into the shoes of a monkey to fight it out and become the city's toughest chimp.

Taking place in the city of Apepire, you will find yourself in a very dangerous place which is ruled by the monkey mafia, and where gangs roam the streets. You will be placed in the shoes of a civilized monkey and will be able to give yourself a unique look to help your stand out from your simian brethren as you aim to make a name for yourself on the street. However, the more you grow, the more the mafia will notice you.

To get ahead you will need to use all the tools at your disposal, which includes hunting for resources to craft into a myriad of useful weapons and gear to suit up with. You will also be able to make yourself a base to relax in, being able to decorate it as you wish to enjoy your downtime.

You very rarely see a solo monkey in the wild, and that's no different in Apepire either. You will be able to create or join a clan of monkeys to make your very own street gang to challenge your foes with, even being able to name it. By taking advantage of the team chat you will be able to take on a host of PvE content to beat tough bosses and loot some powerful items, or even take part in some PvP madness.

Right now the game has only been soft-launched, so the availability is a bit limited. You can only play it if you find yourself in the UK so far, but it will expand as time moves on. The bad news is that Epic Ape Madness can only be downloaded by Android users from Google Play. Fingers crossed there's an iOS version in the works, but for now, there will be no simian silliness for Apple users.

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