Entertain Your Pet With Your Watch With Petcube.

Posted by Jessica Fisher on April 24th, 2015
iPhone & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, compatible with iPad

The Petcube Camera is a device that lets you use live video to check in on your pet, talk to them, and play with them using a laser pointer - all while you're away. And the Petcube app is coming to the Apple Watch, so you'll be able to hang out with your pet with all theconvenience of checking your watch.

The watch app lets you get snapshots from the camera, stream the camera to the public for 15 minutes, get updates for when someone interacts with your pet, and browse the Petcube feed to check out other peoples' pets.

You can download Petcube on the App Store for free and buy the Petcube Camera on the official website for $199.

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