Elder Scrolls: Blades started out as one of the most hyped mobile games of 2019, boasting some impressive visuals and no shortage of promise. Our hopes were somewhat dashed when it eventually launched and we all became privy to its mishandled monetisation, barebones gameplay loop, and shocking lack of personality.

It was quite dire, all told – especially when you factor in the egregious chest timers which had a tendency to stop the game in its tracks. Thankfully, update 1.5 strips away some of the worst free-to-play nonsense while also offering gem refunds to players who purchased chest inventory expansions.

The update generally appears to focus on fixing Blades' progression, increasing loot drops from enemies and adding more item-filled breakables to the game's countless dungeons.

Another sizeable addition is the PvP arena. This has apparently been a fan-requested feature since launch, and it looks like decent fun for those who've put in the effort to earn powerful equipment. Guilds are also now live, allowing you to meet up with other players and even explore their towns.

It sounds like Blades is definitely headed in the right direction, though I have to wonder whether it might be a little too late to win back those who bounced off after becoming frustrated with the timers or dodgy progression at launch.

I'm definitely planning to give it another go at some point, maybe when it comes to Nintendo Switch next year. If you're yet to do so, you can download Elder Scrolls: Blades from either the App StoreorGoogle Play.

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