Super Happy Fun Fun has been a mobile developer for 6 years. They have recently teamed up with TiltnTwist to start releasing games for the iPhone. We got a chance to meet with Mark Pierce from Super Happy Fun Fun at WWDC to see Snowboarding TnT, a recently released, promising looking mobile port. We also talked about some other games that they have in development for the iPhone.

Snowboarding TNT is a downhill snowboarding game where you perform stunts for points - similar to the various SSX games. There are no buttons, you use the accelerometer to control the action -- both to control the board direction and do the in air tricks.

Here's a description of the game from it's press release:

Players can become a male or female ‘boarder, and can pick the language of their choice among English, Spanish, French, Italian, or German. They enjoy six downhill courses starting with Easy Street and Bunny Slope, and increasing in difficulty as they slide through Turtle Run, Quickdraw, The Chute, and Holy Moses.

The “fun factor” in Snowboarding TNT is immediate and unrelenting as gamers are required to do lots of things simultaneously – control downhill maneuvers and speed, avoid crashing into trees and smashing into huge rocks (Wipeout!), maneuver through narrow tunnels with hanging ice cycles, and slice through strategically placed course gates – while performing over 30 cool jumps and airborne tricks en route to the finish line and a mob of cheering fans.

Players gain points as they successfully complete jumps, tricks, and race against the clock. High scores can be posted on the scoreboard, encouraging friendly competitions with board buddies and family members.


Big Buck Hunter Pro

Also coming soon, but we don't know when, is the iPhone version of the hugely popular Big Buck Hunter Pro. This is the arcade game that you see in all the sports bars and sporting goods stores. The arcade game has a unique feature where you can sign up for an account and tie all of the games you play together, on any machine.

The iPhone version will allow you to play all of the fully 3D levels of the arcade game. You will also be able to tie the mobile game to your Big Buck Hunter account and track your progress on the global leader boards in both the arcade and mobile version, as well as helping you find locations nearby with the arcade game.

Big Buck Hunter Pro is expected in the third quarter this year.

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