E3 Wrap Up: Robocalypse

Posted by Chris Hall on June 22nd, 2009

I often wonder about iPhone gaming in its infancy. I get the feeling that developers are creating games in a bunch of different genres, feeling out which genres work, and which don't. It's obvious to me that platformers work fine, along with tower defense, turn based strategy, and the occasional casual game... while 3D shooters struggle due to their lack of proper controls. RTS's are on the fence in my opinion. Part of me wants to say that they can't be done correctly due to the small screen size, but another part of me thinks that the touch screen options are too much to pass up. I've seen games like Warzone Inc. implement the RTS genre on the iPhone quite nicely, but I'm still waiting for that killer app.

Ready to take on this hurdle is Vogster entertainment with their game, Robocalypse. Robocalypse is an RTS in the Warcraft 2 mold, with a good balance between lighthearted graphics and action. Written by Micah Wright and Jay Lender (an ex-writer for Spongebob), Robocalypse offers a full, 17 mission single player campaign on top of 18 multiplayer maps that can be played with 2-4 players. From what we saw of the game, it looks like an extremely funny, well executed RTS... possibly capable of outshining Command and Conquer when it arrives in the app store.

Vogster is expecting Robocalypse to launch Q3 2009.

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