Here’s a fun little game that's coming to iOS and Android sometime this year, called Relics of Gods. Based on characters from a board/card game from China, this upcoming mobile game is an interesting mix of MOBA-style heroes and turn-based battle mechanics, so it will be interesting to see what kind of traction developer Seasun will get on it here in the west.

We got a quick demo of the iOS version of the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, with senior project manager Michael Powers showing us how it all worked in a corner of a huge booth that was bigger than some of the apartments I’ve lived in. Seasun is obviously hoping to bring its success in China to the U.S. Market.

You play with five other people in this online-only game, grouping together with friends or random teams to engage in three versus three combat. You’ll get to choose among 51 heroes from 15 races, each with their own special skill sets and powers, to form a team of three and then go up against your foes who have done the same thing. Some heroes do more damage, some have better defense, and some use blessings to heal and protect the team.

“You’ll need to communicate and use strategic teamwork to get to victory,” Powers told us.

He wasn’t able to go into any specific details on when the free-to-play Relics of Gods will release for iOS, Android, Mac, or PC, but he was comfortable in saying the team hoped to get it ready by the end of this year - with a soft-launch in other markets in the next few months.

Bottom line: if you like the idea of battling your buddies and foes in a turn-based fantasy-style MOBA on your mobile device or computer, Relics of Gods looks to be a great place to start.

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