Everbyte has released an update for Duskwood, the interactive crime thriller you play on your mobile phone, that introduces a new episode and some other quality-of-life improvements. The update is available now for both iOS and Android devices.

The new episode is now the eighth in the game, with each one being added every couple of months to advance the story and provide answers to some questions while also raising some new concerns. You check out the teaser for Episode 8 below to get a glimpse at some of the footage featured.

Meanwhile, Duskwood’s newest update also introduces new localisation options, with Polish and French languages now being supported, opening the doors for many more players to enjoy the game on mobile.

In fact, Everbyte has stated that Duskwood’s userbase has double since the last update, with the player count going from 500,000 to over a million active players in the time since then. Since launch, it has received over eight million downloads in total, hitting the Android Top Ten in 29 different countries. It's only expected to grow further as more episodes release.

If you’re unaware of what Duskwood is, it’s an interactive thriller played using a combination of live-action segments and a fake phone interface to tell the story of a kidnapping. You are the detective trying to solve the crime, using a WhatsApp-style chat screen to advance the story while also using other multimedia content such as voice notes, photos and other apps to solve puzzles and find clues.

Duskwood is available to download now from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it’s a free to play game with adverts and in-app purchases.

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