Dragalia Lost guide - How to Close Out Kindness and Captivity Properly

Posted by Campbell Bird on November 8th, 2018
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There's only a few more days left of Dragalia Lost's second raid event, Kindness and Captivity, and if you're anything like me, you've already cleared all of the Endeavors and maxed out the Gold Emblem rewards.

Even if you have done all of the high tier stuff in this event, there's still a few handy things you can keep doing for the next few days to make sure you're all set by the time Kindness and Captivity ends. See below:

Take a break on upgrading fire Adventurers

If you've got a really sold set of fire Adventurers that are capable of clearing the Special version of Hypnos Showdown, there isn't much need to keep upgrading these folks. Seeing as Hypnos is some of the hardest fire-attuned content in all of Dragalia Lost, you'd just be improving a set of units that is already extremely strong.

Instead, you'd be better served upgrading other Adventurers with elements that you're weak in, or--better yet-- holding off on upgrading altogether. Soon enough, a new event will drop which will require you to have an all new set of strong fighters of a different element type (my guess is that it'll be wind, but I can't say that with 100% certainty). If you insist on continuing to upgrade your fire Adventurers, I'd sink your mana and other resources into someone like Verica, who has high utility in almost every situation.

Don't forget about Silver Emblems!

Lots of extremely good goodies are hidden behind the Gold Emblem awards in Kindness and Captivity, but they aren't so good that you can ignore lower tier Emblem rewards. This is especially true of Silver Emblems, as they provide something that the Gold tier simply can't.

If you can somehow find a way to get at least 340 Silver Emblems, you can pick up a copy of Sylvia, the wind-based dragon associated with this event. Although this dragon might not be as impressive as others you can summon from the gacha machine, getting five copies of it ensures you can fully unbind it, which can grant some sizeable stat increases to your Adventurers in wind-based events. You might think you can simply max out Sylvia through Blazon Summons, but that's not true. You can only get four copies of Sylvia through the Blazon system, so make sure you get those Silver Emblems to earn your fifth!

The best way to get each kind of Emblem

While we're on the topic of Emblems, let's talk about the best way to get each kind. Although you'd think that all the hardest content would grant you the most of each reward, that's not exactly how things work in this game. Instead, each tier of difficulty on Kindness and Captivity events yields different kinds and quantities of each.

If you're looking for Bronze Emblems, the best thing you can do is host Beginner versions of Hypnos Showdown, as that can grant you about 24 Bronze Emblems per clear. For Silver, hosting Standard raids can net you around 20 Emblems per clear. And, of course, you can get 99+ Gold Emblems each time you clear the Special Hypnos Showdown event.

With all of these Emblem caluclations to make, things can get kind of confusing. Luckily though, someone from the Dragalia Lost community created an Emblem calculator that can help you figure out what you need to do each day to redeem every Emblem Reward (direct link to the calculator here).

Don't stop pulling with Blazon Summons

While it's nice that Kindness and Captivity offers up some great, new Adventurers, Wyrmprints, and Dragons, the secret best part of this event is the Blazon Summon. Each time you beat a mission, you get Peregrine Blazons, which is currency you can use to summon up to ten random items at once.

Although this Blazon Summon system also has things like the dragon Sylvia and Better Together (Dragalia Lost's latest event Wyrmprint) the summon pool also contains lots of other useful items like Mana, Rupies, Dragonfruit, and tons of weapon crafting materials. These items may not be exclusive to Kindness and Captivity, but the Blazon Summon system makes it much easier to accrue these items than they would otherwise normally be.

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