Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton got some hands on time with Double Fine's upcoming free-to-play iOS game, Middle Manager of Justice. In it, you get to manage a team of superheroes, making sure that crime does not, in fact, pay. Hey, someone's gotta do the paperwork.

The whole thing is reminiscent of the excellent Game Dev Story, only instead of exhausted game developers, you're running a team of superheroes. It looks to be an engaging time-waster, though it also remains to be seen just how the superium system will impede play if you're not interested in paying for extra. Chi and Miller said that the game is awaiting certification from Apple, and that they'll be doing a launch in Canada ahead of the US so that they can fine-tune everything and, among other things, make sure that people aren't getting stuck anywhere where they would have to pay to keep playing the game.

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