PocketGamer.biz has the full details on what people have dubbed "Doodlegate." It's the other side of the story that we brought you a couple days ago revolving around the trademark for the word Doodle. We now know the Lima Sky side of the story, and shows some corrections are needed in the original story.

Igor Pusenjak of Lima Sky sent their side of the story to PocketGamer earlier today. It sets the record straight on a few of the details. For one, the story is much more conveluted that we were originally aware of, and two, the request for developers to change their app titles has been cancelled.

The story really revolves around trademark law and what has to be done to protect your trademarks. I don't want to overreach my knowledge of law, so I'll let Igor's statement speak to their side of the ordeal. Suffice to say it's complex.

The request for developers to change their app titles that had Doodle in them was due to an attempt to protect their trademark on "Doodle Jump." Here's the part where trademark law gets complex. Another developer, Accelerato was attempting to have the "Doodle Jump" trademark cancelled because Lima Sky did not prevent other developers from using the word "Doodle" in their titles. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Lima Sky has instructed their lawyers drop the claims with Apple against the apps with Doodle in the title. So all developers that got the notice will not need to make any changes.

The folks at Lima Sky are good people, they didn't want to cause anyone undo hassle. In the end they were just trying to protect the copyright for "Doodle Jump", one that no one can claim isn't theirs. In an over-litigous society, that gets really complex.

In a fast paced blog world, our rush to report the story quickly and from the information we had, was a bad choice. We now know that and it's not a choice we will make again.

Can we all just be friends now and start talking about the iPad 2?

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