As Cult of Mac has pointed out, Klei Entertainment (Mark of the Ninja, N+, Shank) went and made it official: Don't Starve is coming to the iPad.

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition brings everything from the PC and console versions (including the Reign of Giants content but minus the still-in-beta multiplayer) to the larger touch screen. You'll be able to guide the hapless (and hopeless) Wilson around a horrifying, inhospitable - but still oddly beautiful in a twisted sort of way - world while trying not to starve. Or get eaten. Or burn to death. You can die pretty easily is what I'm trying to say.

You'll be able to get your hands on Don't Starve: Pocket Edition on July 9 (this Thursday!) for $4.99. Sorry iPad 2 users, but you're out of luck. Anyone with an iPad 3 or iPad Mini 2 and up (and at least iOS 7) is good, though.

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