DomiNations - Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Being the Finest Leader

Posted by Jennifer Allen on April 8th, 2015
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Have you just downloaded DomiNations and you're trying to figure out the best way to progress? Here are some helpful tips and tricks to give you the edge in battle.

General Tips

  • Explore! Explore so very much - Clear surrounding forests whenever you can. It gives you more room to develop your civilization but it also uncovers more animals for you to hunt, gold chests to loot, mines to excavate, and even ancient ruins. Those ruins are particularly great as they unlock crowns - the premium currency in this game.
  • Build new houses whenever you can - They get expensive but they mean you have 2 more citizens at your disposal each time. These then give you the means in which to complete more tasks at once, which inevitably leads to more profit for you!
  • Hunt everything as often as possible- It might seem like a waste of time pursuing bunnies and deer, but what you gain from them really adds up fast. It’s good to be busy.
  • Food and money are everything - Follow that ethos by maxing out your farms, mills, merchants, and markets at all times. They passively give you more of both resources, and do add up fast.
  • Keep your base neat - It’s easy to move stuff around and you’d be wise to keep everything connected via the road network, thereby giving you more gold. Walls are great for slowing down enemy attacks too.
  • Use crowns sparingly and intelligently - Only use them for long winded things rather than because you’re impatient. Having said that, if you know you’re going to be away from the game for an extended time, sometimes it’s handy to burn some crowns so you can accomplish a couple of things before you go.
  • Keep an eye on upgrade timers - Once any upgrade has less than five minutes to complete, you can boost its progress for free, finishing it off quickly. Use that often.
  • Raid smart - Raiding other players is the fastest way of earning resources but don’t rush into it. Wait till you’ve got sufficient powers of your own to fight back when they take revenge.

The Many Ages

  • Don't forget about the blacksmith - Every new age, you should upgrade your blacksmith so that you acquire new unit upgrades. It makes a huge difference.
  • When you reach the Medieval Age, build a castle - You can train historical leaders this way and they make a significant difference to your attack power.
  • Research often once you reach the Classical Age - It was the time for knowledge and DomiNations reflects that with knowledge easily meaning power here.
  • Wonders can be wonderful - Wonders are occasionally offered to you and can be used to gain bonuses. They need to be placed near relevant buildings though, so plan accordingly.
  • Join an active alliance - Your troop donation requests are filled faster that way. Also, find an alliance with a wide variety of nations at their disposal. You gain plenty of different benefits that way.


+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Released: 2015-04-01 :: Category: Game


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