Dig Dog Guide - Dig Deep to Discover Your Inner Dog

Posted by Campbell Bird on February 8th, 2018
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Dig Dog is a platforming game that feels something like a cross between the arcade simplicity of Dig Dug and the ultra tough (but unwaveringly fair) Spelunky. Here’s a few tips to help you get better in your dogged pursuit of bones.

Go the distance

When you first start playing Dig Dog, I recommend just trying to get as far into the game’s Bone Hunt mode as possible. This is both because the Dig Dog’s other mode seems almost completely lacking in challenge and also because getting through levels in Bone Hunt can unlock new worlds that you can warp to immediately on new runs. If you clear enough levels to visit a new world a few times, you eventually get the power to warp straight there, which can cut out having to replay older and easier worlds.

Older dogs learn newer tricks

In Dig Dog, the further you get in the game, there are more opportunities for you to upgrade your dog hero. So, although you can warp straight to some worlds, this may not be the best course of action if you’re looking to make a full run through the game. Early worlds could be just what gives you the opportunity to bank enough coins for the right powerups you need to make it through the whole game.

Know your enemy

Dig Dog has all sorts of crazy enemies that react differently in different situations, so you need to be careful and learn to recognize enemies by their shapes and colors. Some enemies dig into the map, while others seek you out. Enemies with yellow and red eyes drop coins and hearts respectively, while white-eyed foes don’t drop anything at all. The more you can teach yourself these things, the better you’ll get at reading situations and knowing how best to deal with them.

Combat tips

Dig Dog ties all of its actions to a single button, including jumping and attacking, and there are a few creative ways you can use this button to your advantage in combat situations. You can always simply jump on most enemies, but you can also use your dashing dig action (tapping the jump button twice while holding a direction) to take out enemies that are to your sides. Just make sure that you aren’t too close to other enemies or obstacles, as the dash attack can be hard to control.

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