Yunchang Games and Capcom's hugely promising action titile, Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat, has hit a whopping 500,000 pre-registrations in China. It's of course a mobile spinoff to Capcom's acclaimed Devil May Cry series, which recently saw a huge surge in popularity thanks to GOTY contender Devil May Cry V.

From the trailers and screenshots we've seen, Pinnacle of Combat looks surprisingly good, boasting solid visuals and the fast-paced, combo-heavy combat that DMC is known for. As a big fan of the earlier games, I'm super curious about this one. It certainly doesn't appear to be your average rushed-out-the-door mobile adaptation.

The latest trailer focuses on Dante's eclectic arsenal and all the ludicrous combat opportunities it provides. I'm still unsure as to whether it's a more on-rails experience than its big brothers, at least in terms of combat controls. Honestly, concessions will need to be made in order for DMC's action to translate well to touchscreen devices. I can't imagine playing any of the mainline entries using virtual buttons and having it feel sufficiently good.

A western release is yet to be confirmed, but we do know that it's slated to launch in China in 2020. It was originally planned to hit iOS and Android this year, though a delay was announced earlier in the month. I imagine, and very much hope, we'll eventually see this one head westward at some point in the near future.

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