Ever since the launch of Clash of Clans, tower defence has become absolutely synonymous with mobile gaming, yet it's very rare that you’ll see a TD game topping the app store charts. Of course, there are many reasons why this is the case, but for us one of the more significant reasons is that very few games have attempted to push the genre forward. Afterall, why play something new if it simply repeats the same formula?

Thankfully, this is definitely not the case with Krafton’s recently released tower defence title, Defense Derby, which revitalises the genre with its innovative scouting and bidding system and huge variety of PvP and PvE modes.

If you caught our recent coverage of Defense Derby, you’ll know that we’re pretty high on the game right now. So here are 3 reasons why you should be too.

Modes, modes, and more modes!

If Defense Derby did nothing more than provide us with its thrilling Blitz Mode then we’d be content to say that the game was well worth a try. But when a TD title executes its strategy gameplay as well as Defense Derby does then the only thing better is when it delivers more of it - which fortunately, it does.

Besides the stage-based Blitz mode already mentioned - a PvE mode which rewards you with EXP and resources for defeating incoming waves of monsters - there are five other modes that deserve to be explored. These include:

  • Derby Mode: a mode that invites competition as well as interaction with other players. This real-time, online, PvP mode challenges you to match wits against three other players and attempt to survive the longest against incoming waves of enemies.
  • Guard Mode: an automated PvE mode which sees your units repeatedly defend your castle in the main menu. For every successful defence, you’ll accumulate rewards which increase in value as you progress in Blitz Mode.
  • Valley of Trials: a dungeon-based single-player mode that offers huge rewards for those experienced enough to try it. Each day the dungeon will change the race of the hero and the units, challenging you to fend off monsters only using cards that match that race.
  • Friendly Derby: a more relaxed PvP mode which sees up to 4 players battle against each other in password-unlocked matches, the rules of which will vary depending on the host’s settings.
  • Themed Mode: a time-limited event mode that switches things up by introducing different rules each time. These events will also periodically include the most popular modes.

Each game mode could justify its own dedicated article to fully explore the variety of tactical choices and challenges they present. So when it comes to depth of gameplay, Defense Derby earns a big thumbs up.

Strategy is its greatest strength

Having plenty of gameplay modes is always a luxury, but it’s one that means very little if the strategy gameplay doesn't measure up. Fortunately, Defense Derby’s strategy gameplay is where it excels best.

First and foremost, Defense Derby implements an innovative bidding system which is referred to as “Betting Royale”, before the start of each round where players are given the opportunity to scout units and attempt to outbid each other, using Derby Chips, to receive a valuable card.

This time-sensitive phase starts off with every player receiving an equal amount of chips, with extra chips awarded to the players that survive the previous round, as well as players that came second and third in the last scouting phase. From there, the mental gymnastics begin. Outsmarting your opponents with savvy bidding is essential to winning the cards that benefit your deck, as well as getting opponents to overspend on cards that don’t.

After the bidding phase is over, you’ll need to decide on how best to deploy your units. By placing multiple cards of the same race next to each other, or placing three cards of the same type in straight or diagonal lines, you’ll greatly increase your attack potential.

Before you deploy them however, you’ll need to get acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses your units possess. There are 3 faction types that are made up of Physical and Magical units that will vary in their key attributes and special abilities which will need to be considered depending on the wave of enemy you face.

Variety is the name of the game in Defense Derby, with every possible unit type or formation potentially providing the winning solution.

You can upgrade to your heart’s content

No tower defence game could ever be complete without an in-depth growth system and Defense Derby provides plenty of them. Starting with systems for upgrading individual cards, there are two systems at play: Level Up and Upgrade.

Levelling Up will give a general boost to your card’s attributes, which can be potentially raised up to level 200 by spending gold and elixir. With the Upgrade system, there are 10 potential card upgrades available, and each card can be upgraded by merging identical cards.

As well as upgrading individual cards, Defense Derby also has several systems for improving the overall performance of your deck. These include the Altar of Return, Army System, Artifact System, and the Talent System, which provide a variety of skill tree style unlocks, and point based upgrades.

If you’d like to put your strategy skills to the test and try Defense Derby for yourself then you can find it available to download right now for free from the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Samsung Galaxy Store.

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