Defend the Cake guide: Everything you need to build the ultimate fortification

Posted by 148Apps Staff on October 5th, 2018
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Defend the Cake is a new spin on tower defense games that sees you protecting a sugary paradise from pesky ants and other pests. You’ll be building towers and using special abilities to save the cakes Eggperor Shellemane and his helpful Eggbirds have carefully created.

A sugary indie delicacy from former Blizzard and Riot alums, Defend the Cake is getting its biggest update yet in version 2.0, so now’s the perfect time to dive back into the game, or start fresh. Here are some helpful tips to beat every level in Defend the Cake.

Place your cake strategically

In Defend the Cake, you can choose where you put your cake on the battlefield, ultimately determining the path the bugs will take through your defenses. Put some thought into how you can best protect your cake from the buggy masses. If you have second thoughts, no problem - you can always move your cake elsewhere before the battle begins.

Force invading bugs to take the scenic route

Try to create long meandering paths past your towers to give them more time to shoot at the bugs. Zig-zag paths that wander back and forth is the way to go here. This will give you plenty of time to chip away at the bugs’ health.

It’s worth noting, too, that Defend the Cake works with different terrain in each level, so you should also consider how you can use that to your advantage.

Collect Spice to upgrade your towers

Tower upgrades should be an essential part of your strategy, as these can make your defenses immensely powerful. Kill worms to collect Spice, which you can then use to upgrade your towers. You only get one chance to kill worms, so make sure you make them a priority when they appear on the battlefield.

Worms can’t be attacked while they’re underground, so use the Frosting powerup as soon as you spot a worm that’s in range of the Pipette. Doing so will make the worm stay above ground for much longer, giving you time to launch your attack.

Diversify your towers

It’s important to use a variety of different towers, as they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you have a wide array of different towers, this will help you cover your weaknesses, allowing you to tackle any of the 19 enemies the game could throw at you. The game actually tells you which enemies are on deck, so pick your towers accordingly. If you ever forget, you can consult the almanac at the bottom left of the screen to see which towers are the most effective against each enemy.

When in doubt, rewind

If you’re having trouble, you can always wind back the clock. If you need a re-do, tap on the hourglass button on the bottom left of the screen, and you’ll be sent back to the previous day.

If you want a high score, don’t let any bugs touch the cake

You’ll get more points for cake slices that haven’t been touched by bugs at all. Try to beat the level without any of the bugs reaching the cake. Pay attention to the Cake’s health bar. The yellow segments will tell you whether the cake has been touched by bugs or not.

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