David's Low Budget App Corner: StickBo

Posted by David McKenzie on February 10th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

StickBo, a cute play on Rambo's name, allows you to become a stick figure Rambo, who in a side scrolling shoot-a-thon destroys all that oppose him. As you destroy wave after wave of enemies, you gain new weapons. Unfortunately, there are only 21 “waves” and select amounts of weapons but it is definitely addicting.

I started the game with trepidation, thinking of it as a waste of time, but I was mistaken. As I began my perilous journey from left to right, it became apparent that StickBo was God, or at least God in an action movie. Now I say this only because you can stand in front of enemy gunfire and take virtually no damage. Then, when you complete a wave, you get full health! I feel like if you died in this game it means one of two things: one, you left the room, or two, you got into a ninja fight involving a donkey and a turtle.

Except for the not so great user interface, this one is a winner. I’ll give it 212 lumps of coal.

iPhone Screenshots

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StickBo screenshot 1 StickBo screenshot 2 StickBo screenshot 3 StickBo screenshot 4 StickBo screenshot 5
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