Dark Quest 2 guide - Tips and tricks for progressing quickly

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 17th, 2019
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Dark Quest 2 is a fairly straightforward dungeon-crawler, and it also happens to have a bit of a grind to it. At a certain point in the game, you’ll almost certainly be going back to replay missions just to make your heroes stronger for the path ahead.

If you want to minimize your time spent grinding out coins and potions, we have a few tips for you. See below:

Rescue the dwarf asap

Your first order of business in Dark Quest 2 should be rescuing the Dwarf. In addition to being a nifty new class to add to your party, the Dwarf has an excellent set of skills for helping you on your grind (more on that later).

To unlock the Dwarf, head down the western path of the quest map(the one that goes down the left side of the map screen) before moving anywhere else. The second mission down that path is the Dwarf rescue mission, and completing you unlocks the Dwarf class.

Upgrade the dwarf asap

Now that you have the Dwarf, you’ll want to put him to good use. In addition to being sturdy and having the ability to spot traps, the Dwarf can net you bonus gold when you upgrade him.

Specifically, the ability Gold Digger—when fully upgraded—can get you 4-9 extra gold for every piece of treasure you come across. That may not sound like much, but it adds up quickly and makes unlocking craftable gear go a lot faster. Make sure this ability is fully upgraded before you go into any of the bonus rooms so you can make the most of them.

Spend your coins before reviving

Nothing will slow down your progress in Dark Quest 2 more than losing a character. Doing so forces you to visit the gravedigger who takes 20% of your gold to revive your characters.

While this is a bummer, you can make it sting a lot less by spending as much gold as possible before visiting the gravedigger. Doing this may result in you buying stuff you weren’t exactly saving for at that moment, but getting something for your gold and then only using a few coins to bring your heroes back stings a lot less than giving up hundreds of coins when you don’t have to.

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