Dark Quest 2 guide - Combat tips and tricks

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 18th, 2019
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Dark Quest 2’s progression system is unique in that using characters doesn’t automatically make them stronger. Instead, you have to focus on competing missions with blue potions in tow in order to make your units the slightest bit stronger.

Considering this unique take on progression, it can be tricky to make forward progress in Dark Quest 2. Here are a few tips to help make your progression a bit easier:

Slow and steady

Dark Quest 2 may have its fair share of combat, but the game’s rewards come with exploration. Because dungeons are laced with all kinds of traps, sanity tests, and other hazards, don’t be afraid to take things slowly. You’ll make fewer mistakes, avoid unnecessary deaths, and maximize your rewards.

By taking things slow, I mean literally moving your characters one or two squares at a time through each dungeon room. I say this because you won’t always know where traps are in a room, and if you can spot them using a Dwarf, Archer, or someone with the torch equipped, you can avoid them entirely. Similarly, for sanity tests, always double-check which hero in your party has the highest sanity percentage before sending anyone at it. You could pass the check and continue on your journey unscathed.

Consider party dymanics

Party-building is essential to success on any given mission in Dark Quest 2. As with most dungeon-crawlers, this means balancing strength and sustainability. In my time with the game, I found great success building parties consisting of the Knight, Monk, and Dwarf.

The Knight is the ultimate tank of Dark Quest 2, and also has a decent set of healing abilities. This balances well with the wild damage output of the Monk, as some of his abilities can also hurt your party members. Finally, the Dwarf provides a lot of different utility functions including taunts, projectile protection, finding traps, and maximizing gold gathered.

Focus on one hero at a time

I’m sure there are other hero combinations in Dark Quest 2 that work really well, but part of the reason why I stuck with my main three classes is because focusing on single heroes for upgrades proved more useful than spreading my blue potions around between heroes.

Although it might be tempting to throw a couple potions at a shiny, new class you unlocked, making your strongest heroes stronger will actually help you progress through new missions. The difficulty in Dark Quest 2 is such that half-baked heroes with just a few abilities unlocked just can’t hack it on most missions. So, unless you want to grind out potions by playing old levels to get a new class up to par with your other party members, stick with maxing out your mains.

Use gear to enhance strengths

Another important consideration for hero progression is gear in Dark Quest 2. The gear in this game may occasionally provide light stat boosts, but what makes them so powerful is the abilities they can grant to your heroes. When choosing which pieces of loot to equip to different heroes, try to look for synergies that can further enhance a hero’s strengths rather than something that tries to compensate for some kind of weakness.

A perfect example of how to do this comes when looking at the Dwarf. Instead of giving him something increases his lowly damage output or gives him more life to avoid getting killed from disarming traps, I found the Knight Shield the perfect compliment to his kit. This item blocks all incoming arrows, which works perfectly with his Deflect ability. By combining the ability to block arrows with the ability to reflect the damage from blocked projectiles back at enemies, the Dwarf is suddenly an invincible archer-slayer.

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