Cut the Rope's little green glutton Om Nom has returned to iOS and Android for another game. Instead of a puzzle game though Om Nom: Merge is an idle game that's centred around fusing various creatures to create new species.

There's a little story behind it all. An abundance of fruit has started appearing in the world that Om Nom inhabits and it's affecting the natural balance. That means all of those fruits need to be eaten. But as much as Om Nom is capable of eating an awful lot, even this is beyond his limits. So he'll need the help of his friends, known as the Nommies, to help him chomp through all that fruit to save the magical forest.

The gameplay itself is pretty minimal as you'd expect from an idle title. You'll have a grid on the bottom half of the screen with a selection of the Nommies available to you. From there all you have to do is tap and drag them into the forest where they'll start chowing down on the fruit. They'll have their own gathering speed, which earns you varying amounts of coins as they eat.

You'll be able to discover new Nommies by merging two of them that look similar together, which is done by dragging them together on the grid below. Doing this with enough will effectively upgrade that Nommie, making them faster a fruit munching and therefore earning your coins, which can be spent on more Nommies, at a faster rate.

Om Nom: Merge is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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