CSR Racing 2: Your guide to what's new

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on June 30th, 2016
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CSR Racing 2, or CSR2, as it likes to call itself, has finally arrived. The follow-up to the immensely popular drag racing game CSR Racing is the first release from NaturalMotion since the studio's acquisition by Zynga in early 2014.

That takes care of the "why you should care" part. Along with what NaturalMotion is calling "beyond console quality" visuals, CSR Racing 2tinkers with the formula of its predecessor just enough to stake out some of its own turf.

If you've already downloaded the game and played around with it, you've no doubt come across some of these additions and improvements on your own. If not, allow us to be your guide to what's new in CSR2.

Rev to launch

One of the most important parts of any drag race is getting a good start, and NaturalMotion told 148apps that they received feedback from players of the first CSR Racing that the launch mechanic was a little too difficult.

In CSR2, instead of revving the engine to keep the green lights lit, you have a range of revs in which you need to keep the needle when the countdown finishes. Similarly, instead of waiting for the green light on your dash to illuminate to let you know when to shift, you're waiting for the tachometer to hit a certain green segment.

Our early playtests have found this doesn't make the game any easier, since every car has different launch and shift points and the speed at which you reach them can vary wildly. But it is more intuitive, which is something both new and returning players should appreciate.

Hang with your crew

Enhanced social features were a focus for the sequel as well, and they mainly manifest themselves in the form of crews. Just like clans or alliances in other mobile games, crews allow CSR2 players to join forces to work toward common goals. Success means perks for every member of the crew.

There's a special crew chat channel, and it's easy to look up teammates' stats and even see their cars. Yet it also feels as if crews could be the centerpiece for more kinds of competitive play down the road.

Live multiplayer

One of the more exciting new features in terms of giving the game longevity is live races against other human drivers. While the servers weren't active yet as of the time of this article, the soft launch in other markets hints at a very tight, compelling head-to-head experience.

Win streaks in live races can grant you more direct access to rare cars, which is an attraction in and of itself. Plus in-game cash can be wagered on the races, giving them higher stakes if you so desire. They're worth checking out, even if multiplayer isn't usually your thing.

Interact with your rides

NaturalMotion wants players to feel like they really own a garage full of dream cars. So not only does a new car actually get delivered to you when you buy one, but on devices with enough power, you can open the doors, hood and trunk, and even put the roof down on convertibles.

(No worries, it automatically goes back up if you have to race in the rain.)

Add in a plethora of customization options and you do start feeling like you own the cars. Just don't go out into your real world garage looking for all these new features, because you're bound to be let down.

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