Car fanatics everywhere will be jumping for joy as Zynga Inc announces the unveiling of the new Pagani Utopia in CSR Racing 2. Pagani is synonymous with incredible hypercars, and players of CSR Racing 2 will be able to exclusively experience their new offering before production has even finished.

Pagani has produced two cars in its life; the Zonda and the Huayra. Both high-performance hypercars, with the positively beastly V12 Mercedes engines, are custom built over 10 months for their customers and are extremely rare, with only around 100 models of each made. 99 Utopias are planned to be made, with deliveries starting in 2023, giving CSR Racing 2 a rare first look when the car launches in-game.

From September 16th to September 23rd, the Pagani Utopia will be available to race exclusive to CSR Racing 2. A lot of care and effort has gone into the recreation to give players as close to the real deal that a game can get. The Utopia will be available to test drive in the dealership and then race three times for free. After that, the walls come down and it will need to be purchased to complete the event and upgrade the car to add to the collection. Luckily for players, it'll cost significantly less than a real Paganis 2,000,000 EUR price tag.

When discussing the collaboration the CEO of Pagani Automobil America, Michael Staskin, said: “We chose to again partner with CSR2 to reveal the Pagani Utopia because the game manifests an incredible attention to design and detail just as Pagani does on each of our vehicles”

“The fact that a hypercar like the Pagani Utopia is unveiled to the world in a mobile game is a true testament to the power of the CSR2 gaming community, and we look forward to introducing this amazing vehicle to mobile enthusiasts around the globe.”

CSR Racing 2 is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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