Kemco's latest in their line of retro-inspired, turn-based JRPGs is available now for iOS and Android. It's called Crystal Ortha and follows the story of Ross, a mercenary who has been struggling for work since the end of a recent war.

One day he takes on a task given to him by a young girl named Margaret who is looking for a crystal lode, which would make her incredibly rich. Specifically, she sends Ross after the titular Crystal Ortha, a valuable crystal that may not even truly exist.

Their adventure to find this legendary crystal will take them through incredibly varied locations. The journey will start in the mining town of Sanstan and then take them through a desolate, desert wasteland and an active volcano that's inhabited by a powerful Flame Demon.

The battles with the enemies you encounter on the way will be turn-based but with an intriguing twist. During some of the boss battles, you'll be able to strike up a conversation with them mid-fight and their responses may provide you with a hint or two about how to beat them more easily.

There will also be a character you can recruit to your party called Marshma who has an interesting approach to their set of skills. Effectively, she can learn enemy skills and take them as her own, opening up a wide array of tactics with this particular character.

Crystal Ortha is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $6.99 for iOS and $7.99 on Android. It also has additional in-app purchases as well.

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