CRISPR Crunch is now available to play online on the Play Curious website, with an official mobile release in about 3-4 months. Players can expect to immerse themselves in a microscopic view of bacteria, viruses and DNA-matching across 30 levels and three distinct worlds.

CRISPR Crunch features a hexagonal grid of coloured tiles where players have to match sequences to fend off viral assaults. Special bonuses can be earned and used to swap tiles, heal from nasty infections and other handy boons.

“CRISPR is one of those subjects that comes up often in the news, but most people don’t know how it works or what it means. There are some great podcasts and YouTube videos out there that explain it, but we believe that games are the ideal medium for learning. We hope that people have a blast playing this game, and learn how CRISPR works in the process," says Jesse Himmelstein, CEO of Play Curious.

If you're keen on giving the game a go ahead of its mobile release, you can check out CRISPR Crunch on the official website to start your quest for vengeance on those pesky viruses.

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