Crimson Company commences early access and a new Kickstarter for its first mobile version

Posted by Luke Frater on February 23rd, 2021
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Competitive card game Crimson Company is out in early access on iOS and Android, while also launching a brand new Kickstarter campaign to support further development.

The game’s developer continues its aim to change-up the duelling card game genre by providing a mix of parity and intense gameplay, without requiring players to invest time or money to keep up with the latest meta. The iOS and Android apps are now officially in Early Access with no more progress resets to come! But there’s more - a new Kickstarter campaign has just started to fund a brand-new expansion and a cross-platform PC version.

Marketed as a next level card game that utilizes the best elements of Hearthstone and Legend of Runeterra, Crimson Company places a firm emphasis on the role of strategy during play. It aims to completely eradicate the impact of luck and unfair matchups by starting players on an even playing field at the start of every match. Also, unlike many CCG's like Hearthstone, player strategy can't be determined before the start of the match. It will instead be forced to develop as the match evolves.

The matches themselves will see players assemble a hand of mythical mercenaries via Crimson Company's fast and dynamic bidding system, and then pit them against their rivals in an effort to capture as many castles on the board as possible. Players can take part in online head to head battles, or you can compete in solo sessions against the game's AI.

If you’d like to be part of Crimson Company's legion of fans on Kickstarter, and enjoy some exclusive rewards for your support, you can visit the dedicated page. For more information about the game be sure to head over to the official Crimson Company website.

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