Devsisters have announced a massive new update for Cookie Run: Kingdom, excitingly named Legend of the Red Dragon. There will be two powerful new cookies to recruit, as well as a new story featuring the most majestic of mythological creatures; the dragon.

The Legend of the Red Dragon features Ancient grade, Hollyberry, and the new Pitaya Dragon Cookie venturing forth to Dragon’s Valley. Being trapped in a Cookie’s body, Pitaya makes an interesting proposition to Hollyberry; help Pitaya regain their dragon power, and they will join the battle against the Dark Enchantress Cookie.

Say hello to two of the coolest biscuits you will ever meet, and yes that is a strange sentence, these are weird times. The Pitaya Dragon Cookie comes equipped with a Draconic Bladestorm, which fires flying swords at enemies to impede healing and cause massive damage. They can also transform into a dragon, unleashing fiery breath to increase enemies' vulnerability, and generally melt everyone's faces.

Not quite a cookie dragon themselves, instead the Royal Margarine Cookie wades into battle atop a buttercream wyvern as the last dragon rider. As the enemies gaze in magnificent, Margarine can fire buttercream balls at enemies, inflicting damage and poison, as well as reducing enemy attack and defence, an absolutely devastating move, especially if Pitaya moves in with fire breath after.

Head to the Hall of Encounter to complete missions and gain a host of rewards and buffs. You will earn points that will help you level up your cookies, as well as nab some fixed and random rewards boxes full of vital items you will need to survive your journey.

Finally, if you aren’t the biggest fan of the Gacha system, then the new Chance Up Cookie Gacha is for you. You will have a higher chance to encounter sought-after characters such as Hollyberry, Wildberry and Royal Margarine. You can also mark two Epic grade Cookies that you are after, which increases the odds of pulling them.

Download Cookie Run: Kingdom now from the App Store and Google Play to recruit these two new invaluable characters.

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