Contradiction - Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for the Budding Detective

Posted by Tre Lawrence on February 12th, 2015
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Hello to y'all amateur sleuths out there.
We had a heck of a time checking Contradiction out. How much? Check out our review

Contradiction is fun mystery thriller with Kickstarter roots that merges live acting with mobile gaming. The idea is to solve a mystery by catching suspects in a lie.

Here's how to spot the contradictions and get to the bottom of Kate's death.

Gathering Information

  • Magnifying glasses are golden - As you roam around different environments, be on the lookout for the white magnifying glass that might appear at the bottom right; its presence means there's something crucial in that area to check out and/or collect. Not collecting/researching an area when the magnifying glass appears can hold up progress down the line.

  • Ask every possible question - The general premise is to catch suspects lying based on the answers they give during questioning. So ask away! As the game progresses and more data is used to generate even more questions per character, the list gets pretty long. Make sure no question gets skipped over.

  • Roam, then roam some more. And even more - There are many places to visit, and you should get Jenks to revisit places often. New places open up, the environment changes, and new characters make an appearance in areas as he game goes on. Use found items when necessary, and act upon new information. Patience is the name of the game. Use the navigation map to keep track of places that need to be visited again (blue pins versus green).

Finding Contradictions

  • Context is important - Pay attention to the what is said, but not too much. The important phrases and points are stored for you.

  • Match away - Feel free to try matching contradictions early and often, as there is no drawback from being wrong.

  • Don't overthink it - Logic does play a part, but it helps to not be too literal. Also remember that contradictions can only be gleaned from the answers given by one suspect. In other words, one suspect implying another is lying isn't necessarily a contradiction.

Getting Helpers

  • Review video clips - When stuck, checking out video interactions can be useful. It can help jog one's memory or even bring to bear a question that hasn't been asked of a suspect.

  • Call the chief - Jenks can get help and advice from making the occasional call to the office. When stumped, it might help to head to the phone booth.

  • Use the hint button - The Light Bulb icon to the bottom right doesn't always give unambiguous help, but it can help discern where there is a contradiction to be found.

  • Master Hints - If none of the other pointers help, the developer hosts a website that has relatively foolproof hints; they are based on completion percentage, so it is possible to get a situational hint without spoiling the rest of the game.


iPad App - Designed for iPad
Released: 2015-01-15 :: Category: Game


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